Who are we?

 Salut, Coucou!


I'm Sandra, an Egyptian Product Designer, graduated from Applied Sciences and Arts at the German University in Cairo. I believe in happiness, and good energies. I see the world in shiny, bright, and vibrant colors, and I love the sun!

Along with that I’m an Artist! Art has helped me visualize my world by painting/ illustrating since I was a child. I get inspired by the tiniest details in nature or human beings.

My crazy passion for fashion and colors drove me here; to create a fashion brand for all women who need to be unapologetically themselves, combining eclectic glamour and hippie style.

Ladies, this brand is for you to feel radiant, feminine, free, authentic and daring! All prints and pieces are originally, and uniquely illustrated and designed.

‘ÈSTÉ’ stands for the initials of Sandra, and my mother (in French), My mother has always been my greatest inspiration throughout my life!